Saturday, December 27, 2008

Snoop Dogg Does the Women's Weekend 2008

Earlier this year, I signed up for a Women Weekend getaway in April. It was a three day camping experience for women only, but Snoop insisted on coming along with me.

We arrived at Caloosahatchee Regional Park to find that cars were parked at the entrance and you had to carry in your equipment. Luckily they had some wheelbarrows available to carry your camping gear, because Snoop was no help at all! I sorted through all of the stuff that I had brought, and chose what to leave behind to save myself from having to make a second trip.

The getaway was held at a pavilion with electricity and indoor plumbing. After arriving at the pavilion, I was instructed by the organizer to pick a site for my tent, and she suggested a spot under a tree, where it would be shaded from the heat of the sun. I took her advice and setup in the spot she pointed out.
Tent Setup

It was located by a picnic table, and not far from the pavilion.
View from tent

Shortly after setting up camp, we had a demonstration and lesson with a local archery club. They showed us different types of bows, proper form with a bow, and then gave each of us a shot at target shooting. It was really fun, and I wouldn't mind taking up the hobby.
Me and Snoop

That evening one of the women at the getaway (I forget almost everyone's names now) brought out her huge telescope and showed us a couple of things. Then another girl showed up and setup her professional telescope and showed us constellations and planets, and taught us the difference between planets and stars. There was a really cool moment for me. I was looking at the very bright full moon, and as I watched I saw a large bird fly in front of the moon and clouds. It was like something out of a movie, and I was the only one to see it.

I slept pretty well that night, as I was exhausted.

I awoke the next morning to find a beautiful view of the sun rising outside my tent.
Morning light

While most were still asleep, I snuck off to some nearby bathrooms where the shower was. I found that the shower was actually outside. You just had a concrete wall surrounding you, and while the water was hot the air was COLD!

Later that morning, we went in search of grapevine with which to weave baskets. On the way, I spotted an orange tree growing in the woods.

Apparently the park was once owned by a farmer, which is why there was orange and grapevine growing in the area.

The guide also pointed out a berry bush, and we all ate a berry from the bush.
Berry bush

We spent awhile cutting down grapevine and lugging it back to the pavilion. Then we all tried our hand at weaving.
Making baskets

It took forever for me to get mine started. The vines kept breaking on me.
My basket progress

I decided to let my basket show me what it wanted to be, and it wound up turning into a strange thing that could hang on a wall.
Snoop in a basket

Later that day we did some branding. That is when you burn drawings into wood. We also went kayaking. That was fun!

Shortly before dark we went on a hayride.

We traveled around the park, on roads no one else saw.
View on hayride

On the hayride

While out on the hayride we spotted a herd of deer. Unfortunately it was getting too dark and they were too far away to get a picture of them. We enjoyed the hayride.

That evening we sat around the fire pit and roasted marshmallows and did some more branding.
Branding at the fire pit

The next morning we had our final breakfast together, and another project or two.
Making Tracks

We then received gift bags from the organizer of the getaway.
Gift bags

Then everyone lined up their baskets to show them off.
Grapevine baskets

And then everyone lined up WITH their baskets, to show them off one last time before we parted ways.
Everyone with their grapevine baskets

Shortly before noon we began to break camp and head back to our separate lives. It was an enjoyable weekend, and I look forward to doing it again in 2009. And, yep, Snoop will probably crash the party again.

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