Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snoop Dogg Does Cleveland

This summer found Woodrow and I doing a business trip to Cleveland, and of course Snoop insisted on tagging along as a third wheel.

First we had to take Snoop's picture on the bed, or we would never hear the end of it!
Snoop in bed

Woodrow lounged on his bed, and checked out the menu while he listened to his iPod.
Jon and menu

I always check out the room first thing, and this Marriot had a nice bathroom.

I know, what a dufus. What can I say? I like a nice bathroom in a hotel room. However I had to laugh at the caulking job on the tub. It was worse than the caulking job that I did on my own tub!
Bad caulk

Bad caulk  Bad caulk

I know. Again, I'm a dufus. I notice things like the caulking job on a hotel room tub. How sad is that?

Our trip wasn't very eventful. We did have to visit another hotel for a class, and afterwards they invited us to attend their party at a bowling-bistro. Cool place. They have a bistro that serves pizza, phillies and wings, a full bar and neon bowling. Three of us teamed up to bowl together, and we all totally sucked. But it was fun!

When we needed to head back to our hotel, we asked the curbside attendant for assistance, and he got us a limo to take us back. It was a totally pimped out limo, gaudy and tacky, with a chauffeur that would have been totally comfortable in New Orleans.

Unfortunately Woodrow hasn't given me copies of the pictures that he took of our exploits around Cleveland, so I don't have anything at this time. However I do have a photo of the three of us at the bar in our hotel.
At the bar

The trip was relatively uneventful, and not one of our more fun escapades. We'll see what we can turn up in 2009.


Lori Anderson Designs said...

This is better than Flat Stanley!

And I agree, finding a truly clean hotel bathroom deserves a happy dance.

nfmgirl said...

hee hee!

I'd never heard of Flat Stanley before, but I looked him up and saw that it is a children's story.

My favorite was when I lived out in Washington. Way back in the mid 90s, there were some people in Washington who had a garden squirrel stolen (not a real squirrel-- just decorative). After about a year, the squirrel was returned to their yard, along with photos of it from all over the world: the squirrel in front of the leaning tower of Pisa, or in front of Niagara Falls. I thought that was an AWESOME prank!

renee said...

I love this, hahaha!!!

My name is Renee Yu and I am the designer behind the label 'giraffe&rabbit'. The pair of cupcake earrings being given away by Kathleen on Handmade Heavenlies were actually made by me - she bought them from me a while ago. Now that we have had a personal fallout, she has taken the pictures from my Etsy listing and is giving these earrings away pretending they were made by her. I saw this today when somebody showed me and now I feel like crying.

If you do not believe me, please do check my Etsy store -

Please be very careful of this lady. While I do not mind her re-gifting out these earrings, I would have liked to have been asked, and also to receive credit on her blog. This is really upsetting and hurtful and I just want to stop her hurting anybody else.

Have a good day guys - I'm so sorry if I spoiled it with bad news!


Neas Nuttiness said...

Thanks for putting a good word in for Percy.

It's nice to know that I'm not the only nutty person in blogdom.
You might want to check out:


What a trio we would make...Percy, Snoop Dog, and Helmi the bear!

Hope to see you again at my place, and I've got you on my dashboard.

Neabear said...

I see Neas Nuttiness has been here. She sent me here to check you out. What fun! I will have to come back and check out other adventures of Snoop Dog. After reading your other blogs I realize you live in the same area as my son and daughter-in-law. Now that would be funny if you actually met them.