Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snoop Dogg Does Reno

Snoop and I made a business trip to Reno earlier this year, and it was a first for both of us.

Well, first my boss screwed up the flights. We flew into Sacramento, CA at around 1 AM PST/4 AM EST. Then we had to drive two hours through the mountains to get to Reno, NV. We got checked into our hotel about 3 AM PST/6 AM EST, and we had to be up at 6:30 AM PST to setup our classroom for our training class. It was exhausting!

Later that day, Snoop insisted that I do the traditional shot of him on the hotel room bed. (No, we do not share a bed! We always try to get two beds, or he sleeps on the floor. What kind of girl do you think I am?)

Then I went to the window of my room at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino to check out my view.
View from room

During our stay at the hotel and casino, we went down to the bar for dinner. I liked their setup. They had very colorful bottles of liquor lined up on the shelves.

It appealed to my aesthetic sensibilities.

Our last night at the casino, I went down and did a little gambling on the slots.

At one point I went to use the bathroom, and was fascinated with the sink, which was just faucets hanging over a flat surface.
Sinks in casino

Really cool! I want those sinks in my home!

The third day found me finally outside as we changed hotels, as we had a show to do at a different hotel. It was the first time that I realized that we had snowy mountain tops to look out at on the front-side of the hotel.
View from hotel View from hotel

View from Reno hotel

We switched over to another hotel. I forget now what it was. Something like a Holiday Inn or something. It sure couldn't compare to the Grand Sierra we'd stayed at for the first couple of days. However I did have a very vocal bird outside my room window.
Bird outside window

The next day we headed back to Fort Myers. It began with a drive to Sacramento. Since it was now daylight instead of the middle of the night, I got to take in the view on the ride.
Snowy mountains  Snow

Snow Snow from Reno to Sacramento

The trip was otherwise uneventful. I did break even in the casino, so my gain in New Orleans of $7.50 after an hour of gambling still stood.

Another trip down...

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